Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Catch-Up

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe!
I am home for holidays and it feels great to be back at the shop with all my friends and family. 
Our Christmas hours will be: Closed Tuesday & Wednesday, December 24th & 25th
Starting today through Monday, December 21st
All Christmas pre-cuts and yardage are 30% off!
Can you count how many tomato pincushions are on our Christmas tree?  If you come in and tell us before we close on Monday, December 21st you can get a FREE FQ of your choice! 

This Saturday we will also be making this Perfect Pillows! Come and join us!  Take a finished one home with you to put under your tree!
Here is a quick recap of my last month at SCAD that went by too fast for me to post about!
My friends and I celebrated my birthday!

We passed out candy to trick-or-treaters

I used my sewing skills and a hem stitch to fix my roommate's weave
(I have to say  am very proud of this :) 

I was able to support my friend and roommate, Kammeran, in her first SCAD performance!
(She is in the middle)

Jacob and Savannah came to visit!

I finally got to sew something!!!

This is my final project in design.  I wrote and illustrated a book about the Mayberry Crewzers
(my Volkswagen car club)
This is where we presented our finals and read them aloud

My friend Lindsey wrote her book about beards :)

My friends' books!
The first quarter was amazing and I can't wait to go back for winter quarter!
Be sure to come in and say hello before I go!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 4

  This week marks week 5 and that means MID-TERMS!!!  Already, I know I can't believe it and that means I'm half way done with this quarter.  I will be very busy this week so here is a little bit about last week....

This past week I had a very special visitor in Savannah!! We had a blast if you can't tell by our caricature!

I had many projects due this week

This is using design elements. I made a 100 :)

I had to draw hanging things related to food so of course I tried to pick the simplest and my favorite (Swedish fish, peanut, chopsticks, cheese puff)

I decorated a bit more in my dorm

And I watched a wedding in a park! So fun

Also going on at home.....

We have new Auburn and Alabama chevron fabrics!

And new styles with holiday fabrics! Come in and check them out!
Also, just a fun fact I learned in my art history class
Geometric Krater, from the Dipylon cemetery, Athens, Geece,
ca. 740 BCE. 3' 4 1/2" high
This geometric krater is one of the earliest examples of Greek figure painting.  It marked the grave of a man buried around 740 BCE in the Dipylon cemetery of Athens.
Around the top rim of the krater is the meander pattern, imitating the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River.  Anyone find that familiar?
Mid terms are soon to come!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Playing Catchup

So week 1 was slow and steady only to fool me.  It has been non stop from there on out and I have project after project due and working on one while I start the next, but hey it's art school. 
Here is a drive by of the last 2 weeks.

2D Design Project one using different types of line (straight line)

2D Design using zigzag lines

I went to Krispy Kreme!
It's really cool and old but of course I had to skip the doughnut

My final composition using 3 types of line

I made my room homey with a wonderful fabric curtain
Thanks mom!

I got to make a birthday card!

I attended this lecture:
This symposium brings together a range of craft and design entrepreneurs who have built their own business models based on their skill, experience, vision, passion and commitment to a life of creativity.  The gests will serve as example, inspiration and catalysts to expand possibilities for future designers and makers. 

This is the lecture in the student center.  One of the panelist, Rebecca Burgess, studies fiber systems and natural dyes, Matt Olson, co-founder of ROLU was also very inspiring about his landscaping and furniture design business.  I was able to speak with all the panelists and get to know them more personally.

Working on linear perspective in Drawing II

Monks at the Jepson Center working all week on a sand mandala and at the end of the week tossing it into the river.  The sand mandala represents life

I hung some fabric on my wall!

I got to use my notions, but not for sewing

And my next drawing inspiration, all my favorite things :) food related and I had to put a peanut on there I just wish it had been boiled first

Monday, September 30, 2013


New at the Front Porch: Sweet Baby Jane precuts and yardage! This is a mini Sew Charming quilt featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine made with Moda Candy!

Sweet Baby Jane is also used in this jellyroll quilt pattern, also new at the Front Porch

New Honey Sweet by Fig Tree just arrived! Precuts and yardage, one of my favorite collections so far! Also available in Honeycombs!

Are you ready for Halloween? It's almost that time and we have fun things to help you decorate!

New table runner pattern for Halloween that has great instructions to make it any length!

Also just off Gigi, a fun birthday package quilt! Fun to make for any occasion (birthday, Christmas, Valentines) just by changing the fabric! Made using a charm pack! This is a $3 pattern!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to SCAD

So I am finally all settled and moved in at Montgomery House in Savannah!  The process was fun and exciting but still very overwhelming.  Here are a few photos to show you what I see everyday through my building and classes.  I still have lots of decorating to do in my dorm and room and I will keep you updated on that and projects and lectures I am attending.  The first two weeks have been amazing and full of excitement in many ways!
This is a fibers installation in Montgomery House Lobby (my dorm) when you walk in the front doors.  Very cool and inspiring although I think I am the only one who lives here that understands that piece of work.

This is a student installation in my design building

My first Sunday night at SCAD was a Welcome Week event: Hypnotist Tom DeLuca.  This year was his 15th year returning to welcome week orientation!

SCAD has a very awesome bus app for smart phones that can tell you arrival times and wait times for buses and where they are going next.  This is very important for someone without a bike! But I am happy to say my bike will be here in Savannah next week and I will be free from the buses!!!!

This is my 2D Design class I have with about 15 other people all from all over the world. This class is very fun and my professor Kim is a jewelry design professor and really helps me stay involved in what's happening in our majors with lectures and special events.
And last but not least this is my drawing building.  All I can say is intimidating.
More projects coming soon!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fall classes

Coming up in the next few months!

Sew Charming
Features in Quilt Sampler magazine 2013
August 25

UFO Week long sewing!
Come into the front porch and finish some of those unfinished projects! I (Charley) will be here all week to help you with whatever your project needs!
July 29-Aug 1

Batik Bailey Hobo bag
2 day class
August 2 & 3
Your choice of 2 sizes made with a jellyroll!

Tshirt Quilt
August 9-10
Large or small, T-shirts can be made into anything! Small quilts, large quilts, placemats, or coasters! The possibilities are endless!

Save the selvage!
August 23

Turning Twenty
Great fat quarter friendly pattern and great for beginners to experienced sewers!
August 30-31

Also make this pattern large or small!