Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 4

  This week marks week 5 and that means MID-TERMS!!!  Already, I know I can't believe it and that means I'm half way done with this quarter.  I will be very busy this week so here is a little bit about last week....

This past week I had a very special visitor in Savannah!! We had a blast if you can't tell by our caricature!

I had many projects due this week

This is using design elements. I made a 100 :)

I had to draw hanging things related to food so of course I tried to pick the simplest and my favorite (Swedish fish, peanut, chopsticks, cheese puff)

I decorated a bit more in my dorm

And I watched a wedding in a park! So fun

Also going on at home.....

We have new Auburn and Alabama chevron fabrics!

And new styles with holiday fabrics! Come in and check them out!
Also, just a fun fact I learned in my art history class
Geometric Krater, from the Dipylon cemetery, Athens, Geece,
ca. 740 BCE. 3' 4 1/2" high
This geometric krater is one of the earliest examples of Greek figure painting.  It marked the grave of a man buried around 740 BCE in the Dipylon cemetery of Athens.
Around the top rim of the krater is the meander pattern, imitating the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River.  Anyone find that familiar?
Mid terms are soon to come!



  1. Wow, can hardly believe that it is time for mid-terms !!
    Good luck on your exams. Thank you for finding the time to post a few updates. Your mom was so creative with the "Christmas fabric dress" on the mannequin!!!

  2. So much fun to read how you are doing and being able to see your talent online!! I haven't been to Ozark since you will feel odd with you missing. We may be down that way around Thanksgiving tho'. Keep up the great work!!!
    Ellen in Montgomery