Thursday, October 3, 2013

Playing Catchup

So week 1 was slow and steady only to fool me.  It has been non stop from there on out and I have project after project due and working on one while I start the next, but hey it's art school. 
Here is a drive by of the last 2 weeks.

2D Design Project one using different types of line (straight line)

2D Design using zigzag lines

I went to Krispy Kreme!
It's really cool and old but of course I had to skip the doughnut

My final composition using 3 types of line

I made my room homey with a wonderful fabric curtain
Thanks mom!

I got to make a birthday card!

I attended this lecture:
This symposium brings together a range of craft and design entrepreneurs who have built their own business models based on their skill, experience, vision, passion and commitment to a life of creativity.  The gests will serve as example, inspiration and catalysts to expand possibilities for future designers and makers. 

This is the lecture in the student center.  One of the panelist, Rebecca Burgess, studies fiber systems and natural dyes, Matt Olson, co-founder of ROLU was also very inspiring about his landscaping and furniture design business.  I was able to speak with all the panelists and get to know them more personally.

Working on linear perspective in Drawing II

Monks at the Jepson Center working all week on a sand mandala and at the end of the week tossing it into the river.  The sand mandala represents life

I hung some fabric on my wall!

I got to use my notions, but not for sewing

And my next drawing inspiration, all my favorite things :) food related and I had to put a peanut on there I just wish it had been boiled first


  1. Charley, I love that you sharing with all of us! It's wonderful. I have the biggest smile on my face. I am so very proud of you. Can not wait to see what you post next! mom

  2. Awesome job Charley! The three line design could easily be printed onto fabric you know. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Hope you enjoyed the pumpkin spice flavored coffee!