Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
What a memorable year we had in 2014. With the most exciting moment , becoming a Grandmother to Eloise Marie-Lynn Simpson. Yes, it is true what they. I am loving every moment.
We all know that this year 2015 will hold lots of happy times too. 
Charley loves being Aunt Charley to Eloise. If you could just see them together. Sweet Love.
Charley loves learning at SCAD. Savannah college of Art and Design, in Savannah Georgia. Her classes are becoming much more intense. Her creative designs in color and fiber are amazing!
Some of her work has been on display at a local Recycling Center  since the middle of November.
I sure wish I could have been there last Thursday evening to see her work in person and when all the students were being honored for their achievements! I'm so proud.
Now I'm going to learn how and try to keep our blog more current. I'm sure one day I will say "this is so easy!"   happy New Year!