Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to SCAD

So I am finally all settled and moved in at Montgomery House in Savannah!  The process was fun and exciting but still very overwhelming.  Here are a few photos to show you what I see everyday through my building and classes.  I still have lots of decorating to do in my dorm and room and I will keep you updated on that and projects and lectures I am attending.  The first two weeks have been amazing and full of excitement in many ways!
This is a fibers installation in Montgomery House Lobby (my dorm) when you walk in the front doors.  Very cool and inspiring although I think I am the only one who lives here that understands that piece of work.

This is a student installation in my design building

My first Sunday night at SCAD was a Welcome Week event: Hypnotist Tom DeLuca.  This year was his 15th year returning to welcome week orientation!

SCAD has a very awesome bus app for smart phones that can tell you arrival times and wait times for buses and where they are going next.  This is very important for someone without a bike! But I am happy to say my bike will be here in Savannah next week and I will be free from the buses!!!!

This is my 2D Design class I have with about 15 other people all from all over the world. This class is very fun and my professor Kim is a jewelry design professor and really helps me stay involved in what's happening in our majors with lectures and special events.
And last but not least this is my drawing building.  All I can say is intimidating.
More projects coming soon!


  1. Wow! Charlie, what an inspiring place for you to be! So happy for you!

  2. Your building looks very inviting, and looks very nice and new! Sounds like you had a great welcome to SCAD.