Sunday, February 23, 2014


This quarter just keeps zooming by, like they always do. I am constantly working on assignments and finally, some personal projects! I made it through midterms with flying colors and found a little time to work on some Valentines....because I have to make time for the fun stuff!

Like I said in my previous post, I got a job! And of course it's at a fabric store!
The store is Measure: a fabric parlor in downtown Savannah in this cute little peach building.
Measure carries all types of materials for every level sewer or seamstress and has a strong focus on the fashion, fibers, and accessory design students at SCAD. Maria, the owner, and Abby, the manager, are both SCAD Alumni in Fashion and Fibers and I am constantly learning so much from them. It's definitely a fun place to work and meet lots of creative people!
Follow Measure: a fabric parlor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what we're up to in the shop!

I made lots of tissue paper flowers for a paper project for 3D

Mom shared some of Jimmy's quilts for some inspiration!
This is his first hand quilted quilt! I am in love!!!!

This is my final product for my 3D project. My concept was cotton, from blooms to blossoms. It had to be wearable, made out of paper, and had to make Lady GaGa jealous.

Color Theory: making a color wheel

This is my project 2 in Color Theory. Transparencies
I call it Buttons & Bobbins :)

Victor came to visit me for Valentines day! We visited the SCAD museum of art and played with some interactive pieces.

My Beautiful flowers from Victor

Color theory I am currently working on. Warm and Cool colors

My dear friend Lindsey's mother made her a flag like the kits we have in the shop, and mailed it to her here in Savannah! Get yours today!

A work in progress :)