Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ft. Myers Beach

This week Charley and I are visiting Ft. Myers Beach at our time share. We have had lots of fun just us girls!

I found this little guy playing dead so a bird wouldn't eat him!

Charley said this star fish reminded her of Pirates of the Carribean

We transformed the living area just a little

Charley cutting the watermelon for the 4th of July dinner party.

The first project I finished were these pillow cases!

This is our view from the balcony.

A little sunset

We missed John's birthday, so we sent him a package!

Charley with the old old gator.

I was driving by the beach school to show Charley the tree that my first grade class played Lost in Space on. Charley then said, "Oh, who are these people?" "Well, I see Will Farrell on the right." It was a good laugh.

Well Alisa I hope this makes up for all the days I didn't post :)
Love you all and miss you!

Happy Birthday John!

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